Who is Superbad?

Superbad Media is a full service production company based out of Orange County, CA. We are focused on providing clients with fresh content in a timely manner and under budget.

We only use the most state of the art equipment and production techniques to make sure every project is of the highest quality possible.

Without the team
There is no project

At Superbad Media, we believe that the team you work with is everything. We are proud to collaborate with some of the best young creatives Orange County has to offer.

Our team of young and hungry producers, directors, cinematographers, photographers, writers, editors, and designers have every step of the production process down to ensure every client is covered from start to finish.

Dakoda Smith

Co-Founder / Producer

Dakoda is one of the co-founders of Superbad. The fast paced set environment is his second home, being Superbad’s head of production his focus is making sure that every clients’ vision is translated on screen. In his free time he likes hiking and finding sweet spots for photography

Arash Maghbouleh

Co-Founder / Producer

Arash is one of the Co-founders of Superbad Media. He is the head of account management and has been working in the film industry for the past 4 years, acting as cinematographer, producer, or first assistant camera on several productions.

Joeli Schwartz

Social Media Manager

As a child of the internet, Joeli has watched and lived through the most popular trends of different social media marketing strategies. As she continues her major in film production, she is able to take her knowledge of digital content and implement it to guarantee the highest level of success in online advertising.

Alex Greenlee

Creative Director

Alex Greenlee is an award winning director and filmmaker. His latest film, “INTREPIDUS” stars Michael Horse and Justin Rain and features the work of Santino Ferrese (Emmy Star Trek: Discovery). For the second year in a row Alex has been recognized as a “Best Director” at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.


Creative Director

Jacob Kravitz has always been fascinated with the music industry which has translated into his passion for creating music videos and commercials. When he isn't creating concepts for his next project he enjoys working in real estate or taking photos.

Connor Colby

Creative Director

Connor is an award-winning filmmaker who enjoys conveying genuine human emotion through visual storytelling. He is an Eagle Scout, and spends his free time reading or outdoors.

Drew Gardella


After watching Jaws at the age of four and growing up on the ocean in New England, Drew has always held a fascination for filming anything with scales and sharp teeth. When he’s not shooting monster movies or car commercials, Drew enjoys spending his free time captaining a fishing boat.

Nick Sherman


Nick is Superbad Media’s primary photographer. Outside of work, Nick performs in musical theatre and shoots many of his own films.

Juliana Glodek

Post-Production Supervisor

Juliana is a freelance editor and photographer. Her areas of expertise include commercial and narrative video editing, as well as portrait and event photography.

Nidhi Kumar


Nidhi is one of Superbad Media’s editors. Along with editing for the company she has worked on many of her own projects as cinematographer, director, and producer

Wyatt Hall

VFX Supervisor / Sound Designer

Jack of all trades and master of all, Wyatt is the go-to guy for everything in creative production from VFX to Vis Dev to Sound Mixing

Jamie Weiss

Production Designer / Art Director

Jamie Weiss is a production designer based in the OC/LA area who contemplates what colors, spatial relationships, and props affect the way in which characters interact and feel. Her style typically consists of bold colors, retro elements, and quirky props.

Ethan Lee

Audio Technician

Ethan Lee is a location sound mixer / audio engineer with expertise in all manners of equipment and countless hours of experience under his belt.